Election Bursary Competition

Fact Sheet

Why this competition?
South Africans go to the polls for general elections on 8 May 2019 and, once again, it offers a turning point in our 25-year-old democracy. Voting allows citizens 18 years old and above to have their say in which political party they would like to represent their views when decisions are made in local, provincial and national government.

What is the competition about?
We want to hear the voices of those who wish to make a difference to our country but are too young to vote. You are invited to share your solutions for the South Africa you wish to live in. We’re looking for learners with strong views on leadership, social justice issues and current affairs.

Who can enter?
Anyone 15 – U18 years old

How do you enter?

  1. Write a 500-word submission
  2. Create a 60-second video presentation of your speech
  3. Like our Facebook page The Community Chest of the Western Cape
  4. Follow our Instagram @commchestwc
  5. Follow us on Twitter @CommChestWC
  6. Upload video recording onto your social media profile
  7. Tag The Community Chest of the Western Cape together with at least three friends using the hashtag #changethestory
  8. Encourage your friends to share your post

Where do you enter?
Written submissions: bursaries@comchest.org.za
Facebook: The Community Chest of the Western Cape
Instagram: @commchestwc
Twitter: @CommChestWC

Closing Date?
15 May 2019

For further information, please visit www.comchest.org.za or call 021 487 1500

Terms and Conditions Apply.