Founded more than 20 years ago, in a Gugulethu shack, our Capacity Building Programme, as it was then known, responded with immediacy to the lack of capacity, resources and information available to people of colour in South Africa. 

Today the Leadership Academy and Training Institute (LATI) bridges the gap between South Africa’s rich and poor, by building the human capacity and social infrastructure of the non-profit sector, by assisting civil society, government and para-government parastatals, including the private sector to respond to issues of poverty, inequality and disenfranchisement through education and learning.  

Goal: R1,500,000
Reach: 420 Organisations Reached, 1250 People Trained, 12 Webinars, 12 Capacity Building Training Sessions


Community Chest conducts three major short courses for the NGO, CSI and Development sectors entitled The Mind Of The Leader, The Mind Of The Fundraiserand The Mind Of The Innovator


The CCISIA programme aims to reward socially innovative projects, emerging from both public, private and non-profit sectors. Through this awards ceremony, we celebrate and honour creative and innovative social change agents. 

The Awards create a platform for shared learning and scaling up of impactful innovations, through a holistic approach encompassing thought leadership, mentorship and coaching, monitoring, evaluation and learning, strategic investment and pragmatic master classes.  

Goal: R3,500,000


The Community Chest Due Diligence Programme offers a unique vetting service to all NPOs in South Africa by conducting an investigative analysis of the financial, legal and operational activities of a non-profit entity. These vetted entities are thus able to be presented to be credible and diligent to the broader funding and donor market in South Africa and globally. In turn, this process offers a risk management service to donors, corporates and funders before they enter into a funding relationship with an NPO.

The NPO sector in South Africa subscribes to the prescripts of the National NPO Act and the principles prescribed by the King IV governance guidelines, and organisations subscribing to the Community Chest due diligence programme are therefore vetted against these principles and statutory requirements. Diligent navigation and maintenance of these statutory requirements in operations, finance and management is a key requirement of organisations operating in the NPO sector. 

Goal: R1,500,000
Reach: 2000 organisations apply annually


Our Siyakubona! Awards Programme was instituted to celebrate our 90th Anniversary in 2018. 

Through this programme we wish to acknowledge individuals who exhibit exemplary character and courage by rising above circumstances to realize their dreams. Siyakubona! in IsiXhosa means “We see you!”

Via Siyakubona! we have surprised individuals, organisations, schools, and sport teams, makingwhat felt like impossible dreams come true. 

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