What is the Community Chest/Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) Partnership?

All Community Chest programmes and projects in our key strategic focus areas of Education, Health, Income Generation and Community Development have been developed and informed by the National Development Plan and the global Sustainable Development Goals.

The Community Chest strategically partner with local and national government departments to seek collaborative solutions to social challenges.

In our focus on impactful and measurable change in the education space w e embarked on a formal partnership with the Western Cape Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs and
Sport (DCAS).

DCAS’s After School Programme Office (ASPO) aims to increase the participation of learners from low fee/no fee schools in after school activities. Research indicates that by providing
professional, safe and engaging after school programmes, children are less likely to become victims of circumstances heavily stacked against them.

Statistics show that South Africa has one of the highest school drop-out rates in the world. While the 2018 matric pass rate of 78,2% was celebrated, no cause for celebration was the fact that while
1 002 500 learners started Grade 1 in 2007, only 51% achieved a matric pass in 2018, according to Africa Check.

A second factor weighing heavily against the target audience of the programme is the problem of unsafe and often dangerous environments and homes with no adult supervision to which learners
return from school every day, leaving them at high risk of destructive and anti-social behaviour.

The twin interrelated challenges above largely contribute to a youth unemployment rate currently standing at 55.2% among 15 – 24-year-olds in an overall national unemployment rate of 29% (StatsSA). It is clear that effective intervention is needed to change the outcomes and provide alternative choices for our children and young people.

Regular and consistent participation of learners in after school programmes improve learner outcomes, reduce school drop-out rates and reduce risk-taking behaviour.

Which projects are included under the DCAS partnership?

1. The Extended Educational Practitioners Training Programme (EEPTP)
2. The After School Innovation Fund
3. The ASPO Mathematics eLearning
4. The ASPO Grade 4 Academic Enhancement
5. Year Beyond (YeBo) including The Social Innovation

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