The Community Chest Bursary Programme proudly hosted 82 bursary recipients across South Africa over the period April 2019 – March 2020. They were awarded in categories of Community Chest Bursaries, Steenberg High for Music Academy, Independent Online Bursary Competition, Siyakubona, Thales, Ashley Kriel Honours Programme and the Higher Certificate in Community Development. Community Chest complements its bursary awards with coaching and mentoring support  systems offering students holistic safety nets throughout their academic journey. 

Goal: R7 200 000
Reach: 120 people


Community Chest strategically partnered with local and national government departments to seek collaborative solutions to social challenges. The After School Programme Office (ASPO) exists to increase participation of learners from no and low-fee schools in after school activities. 

In our focus on education, we embarked on a formal partnership with the Western Cape Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS)’s ASPO. We are active in the following projects, The Extended Educational Practitioners Training Programme; The After School Innovation Fund; The ASPO Mathematics eLearning; The ASPO Grade 4 Academic Enhancement and The Year Beyond including The Social Innovation Challenge 

Goal: R25 000 000


We have worked with DCAS as an extension of the their After School Programme Office to distribute 80 000 units of the After School Treasure Box to under-resourced schools. 
They are an extra-curricular and extended-learning complement to the plethora of curricular resources already out there. 

Goal: R60 000
Reach: 80 Learners


Community Chest is honoured to partner with the University of Cape Town (UCT) in preserving a unique South African indigenous language. Many indigenous African languages are in danger of extinction, with the threat of losing a rich and diverse heritage. One of these languages is Khoekhoegowab, the first language spoken by inhabitants of the Western Cape and Namibia.   

UCT is the first South African university to offer Khoekhoegowab as an accredited language course. Doing so contributes to restorative justice by reviving the endangered language and making it the fourth official language of the university, alongside English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

The Western Cape is the heart of the Khoi people, one of Africa’s oldest indigenous cultures with one of the world’s oldest languages.

Budget: R200 000


With an innovative approach in response to COVID-19 lockdown regulations, Community Chest announced their first ever Virtual Charity Event 2020 running from 10 June – 10 December 2020. 

The event invites participants across the world to an all-inclusive activity open to walkers, runners, cyclists and mountain bikers with distances ranging from a leisurely 5km to a tough 100km. 

Through this event we specifically raise fund for education in South Africa .

Goal: R200,000
Reach: 10,000


The Community Chest Unogwaja Challenge, is an incredibly special journey by bicycle that follows in the footsteps of the youngest winner of the Comrades Marathon, Phil Masterton-Smith – a man who very much epitomised the spirit of the Red Sock Friday or ShoOops! Movement. Unogwaja encourages active citizens, who want to make a change in our country, to cycle 1700km from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg and run the Comrades Marathon the following day - all in aid of education and community development in South Africa. 

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