What is the CC Capacity Building and Training Programme?

The Community Chest Capacity Building and Training Programme was initiated as a direct response to an era in South Africa, underscored bysocial Injustice, inequality, and oppression. The first course was presented in a shack in Gugulethu 20 years ago. We responded with immediacy to the lack of capacity, resources and information available to people of colour in South Africa, and in this case, the non-profit sector who served black communities.

Today the programme continues to bridge the divide between this country's rich and poor, by building the human capacity and social infrastructure of the non-profit sector through assisting civil society, government and para-government parastatals, including the private sector to respond to issues of poverty, inequality and disenfranchisement through a widespread engine of learning.

Who can apply?

Our Capacity Building and Training Programme predominantly focuses on capacity building the Non-profit sector and its workforce with the exception of developing the unemployed and youth of South Africa.


Certificates awarded


People trained


organisations across
Rural and urban areas

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