About the Bursary Programme

The Community Chest Bursary Programme was initiated 5 years ago to provide financial assistance to deserving learners who wish to study at a tertiary institution across South Africa. The Community Chest Bursary Programme is committed to the lifelong education and development of citizens. Our conviction is that education is a key imperative for combating poverty and inequality. Appropriately qualified and skilled citizens are critical to meet the current and future needs of the South Africa we want to live in. An educated nation exponentially builds on an economy and meet the required levels of economic growth for current and future development needs.

Our Approach

Community Chest takes a holistic approach to ensuring successful participation by walking alongside each of the selected learners throughout their academic journey with a hope of promoting leadership and active citizens as a key outcome. The programme fosters a holistic approach in that it includes financial assistance, Educational support, personal development, and community involvement through a mentoring programme.  It furthermore places the student and its support structure at the centre of the learning path to enrich sustainability.

How do I apply?
  • All potential bursary can apply online when the application process is open or email our bursary office for an electronic version of application form.
  • The bursary application process happens annually between the beginning of November and the end of January.
Who can apply?
  • The candidate must have completed Matric.
  • The candidate must be registered to study full time or part time at a registered higher institution in South African
  • The candidate will be required to firstly apply for NSFAS and provide us with proof of NSFAS application results before Community Chest bursary will be considered
What do I need to apply?
  • Proof of NSFAS application results
  • Letter of motivation
  • Certified copy of Applicant’s I.D
  • Proof of registration from a registered higher institution for your chosen course
  • Applicant’s proof of residential address
  • Copy of last academic results
  • National Senior Certificate (Matric Certificate)
  • Tuition Fee Invoice/ Statement (A quotation is not accepted)
  • CV
  • Proof of household monthly income of both parent(s)/ guardian(s)  Certified copy of person responsible for fee account’s income: (pay slip/ affidavit if unemployed/ receiving a grant
  • Pay Slips (if employed)
  • Copy of Social Grant Letter/ Card (SASSA) if receiving a state grant
  • Sworn Affidavit where applicable
  • Proof of Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) identity documents.
  • Proof of Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) residential address.
What does the bursary cover?
  • The bursary covers your tuition fees only.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the following expenses are considered at the discretion of the bursar: Traveling and Stipends
  • Unfortunately, the Community Chest Bursaries Programme does not make bursaries available for previous academic year/s.
  • No cash repayment of the bursary is required. As bursary recipient , it is compulsory for you to do voluntary work. These are communicated clearly in your bursary contract.


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